#56 luck & hope

wishes of luck don’t
keep us safe and sound in life
we can only hope

(Wishes of luck don’t keep us safe and sound in life.
“Keep us safe and sound in life”, we can only hope.)

Bit of a late submission for the Weekly Haiku. I had some trouble with this one, but I managed. Somehow.

✪ Angie

partitions – “our love once was a tiny room”

this room of only just the two of us
i don’t recall
this room so vast and spacious
this emptiness inside the towering walls
do not blame me for the curtains that have fallen
from the ceiling to the ground
like partitions
breaking up our room after you sneaked
inside another inhabitant

Back after a two-week hiatus to drop in my submission for Poetry 101 Rehab (the prompt was “partitions“). My writing’s a little rusty, but I trust I’ll pick it right back up.

✪ Angie

stack – “pancake”

the top is for yesterday (kurt called me “dumb”)
below is the skate park where i was left out
lies from my sister comprise the stack under
‘neath those are too many cruel moments to count

i stack up my problems one by two by three
it wells in my gut as it climbs to my throat
a fearful foundation a tower is built
like a stack of pancakes but not quite as sweet

For this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab: “stack“. I guess instead of “bottling up your feelings”, the speaker is “stacking up his or her problems”.

✪ Angie

hiatus – “let’s take a hiatus”

let’s take a hiatus
from the humdrum of daily routine
from our work and schoolwork and home
from all of our social scenes
a hiatus from blogging and writing po-

For this week’s Poetry 101 Rehab: hiatus. This was actually quite hard for me. Hopefully my poem is understandable, but yeah… 


#52 silent & loud

shatter the silence
with demands of happiness
let yourself be loud

(Shatter the silence with demands of happiness.)
(With demands of happiness, let yourself be loud.)

For this week’s Haiku prompt. I listened to this as I wrote, which is probably why the mood of the haiku is as it is.

✪ Angie

#51 future & give

there is no future
when there is no cake for me
you must give me yours.

(There is no future when there is no cake for me.
When there is no cake for me, you must give me yours.)

Back from business camp! For this week’s Haiku prompt. My submission is kinda dopey this week, but ah well. Edit: Oh, haha, always so close to being first poster.

✪ Angie

getaway – “introvert”

i find solace in the quiet places
of my brain
i find comfort in the rhythm
of my mind
there is softness on the edges
of my words
seeking getaways on the wings
of flying thoughts

For this week’s Poetry Rehab 101: “getaway“! I couldn’t participate last week because of a business camp, but I’m back~ As an ambivert, I get energy from social interaction as well as solitude, depending on the day. Sometimes, I need to recharge by myself, but that can be taken as “reclusive” or “antisocial”, which is really no fun.

✪ Angie

sleep – “army wife”

(they describe it as “an empty space on the bed”
but you left so much more than that)

gone are the midnight smiles
here is my everyday grimace
gone are the fingertip kisses
here are my untouched lips
gone is the security of your presence
here is the fear for myself, yet
a greater fear for you

you, who smiles in dusty photographs
you, who kisses the gravel of iraqi land
you, who secures dugouts and trenches and battlefields spilling blood of
you, who fears nothing but the well-being of your day-to-day fight

(no wonder i cannot sleep at night
doc calls it “depression”, i call it being an army wife)

I’ve been reading Redeployment by Phil Klay, so the inspiration largely comes from there. I suppose I’ll write a book review once I’m done. “army wife” is written for this week’s Poetry Rehab 101 for the prompt of “sleep“. Love these things.

✪ Angie

#49 lock & gab

lock away my heart
and the feelings stashed within
i’ll never gab of

(Lock away my heart and the feelings stashed within.
And the feelings stashed within, I’ll never gab of.)

Always so close to being first poster. ;; Ah, well. For this week’s Haiku prompt. I suppose that this week, my submission was more flowery, bubbly, but who knows.

✪ Angie