coincidence? or perhaps not.

Last Tuesday (aka Gon’s birthday, for you Hunter x Hunter fans out there), I lost my phone. *cue the sympathetic gasps

Now, I don’t have a fabulous iPhone or the newest Galaxy, so the situation wasn’t financially jarring. I did, however, use my crappy little kinda-smartphone for a multitude of irreplaceable functions: daily alarm(s), GroupMe’s, Candy Crush Soda Saga… the list endures, much to my embarrassment. I am loathe to admit that my life is dependent on a metal chunk of sweatshop labor, but to tell you the truth- it kinda is.

Approximately twenty minutes after discovering my loss, I was scheduled to volunteer at a senior home, where I play piano every month (or week, during the summer, at least). Normally, I keep track of the time using my phone; now, I had to do so using a watch I snagged from my brother. It’s not as if volunteering wasn’t enjoyable; I just wasn’t too keen on staying longer than I had to. I mean, it was AP week, okay? I had to get home as soon as possible and procrastinate on my APUSH like I had originally planned to.

On the car ride to the senior home, I fretted over the whereabouts of my phone, then came to the cruel conclusion that it had slipped out of my pocket and fallen out onto the school parking lot where my mother had picked me up from badminton earlier. I could picture the poor thing in my head: crushed under the wheels of some unsuspecting vehicle, sad and lonely and upset without my constant “Name the Food” Quiz-Up matches. Perhaps it missed me just as much as I missed it.

My mother prompted me to search in the bowels of the car, to which I responded that I already had. The truth was, I had searched everywhere. In my backpack, in the car, in the nooks and crannies and ratholes of my entire house (okay, not that far). Discouraged, I slumped in the shotgun seat, piano book in my lap, and listened to my mother go off on a tangent about the importance of prayer. (Helpful background information: I’m a Christian.)

My mom was recounting an experience an older woman had told her. The lady had been babysitting when she lost an heirloom that belonged to the child’s family. It was a silver spoon, which happens to be the title of a really good anime/manga, and the woman was quite troubled by the loss. In her distress, she prayed to God, and then, by some miraculous measure, she suddenly rediscovered the silver spoon. All was good.

When my mother finished telling me the story, she informed me that she would pray for my lost phone. I said “okay”- she could do whatever she wanted, successful or not. Then, for whatever reason, I looked to my side, straight into the crevice between my seat and the center car thingy, and there was my phone. Less than five seconds after, I had found what I had lost.

The timing was spectacular. Call it a coincidence or whatever word you wish; I just think it’s a funny predicament. My phone lays by my side as I write this blog post. I have learned to watch it more closely, and I do not intend to lose it again. I have also learned to pray whenever I lose my belongings. And maybe more than that. It doesn’t hurt, does it?

Note: Yes, I did look in the car. Yes, I actually looked in the same exact spot I ended up finding my phone- clearly, though, I didn’t look hard enough.

Matthew 7:7: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

✪ Angie