sleep – “army wife”

(they describe it as “an empty space on the bed”
but you left so much more than that)

gone are the midnight smiles
here is my everyday grimace
gone are the fingertip kisses
here are my untouched lips
gone is the security of your presence
here is the fear for myself, yet
a greater fear for you

you, who smiles in dusty photographs
you, who kisses the gravel of iraqi land
you, who secures dugouts and trenches and battlefields spilling blood of
you, who fears nothing but the well-being of your day-to-day fight

(no wonder i cannot sleep at night
doc calls it “depression”, i call it being an army wife)

I’ve been reading Redeployment by Phil Klay, so the inspiration largely comes from there. I suppose I’ll write a book review once I’m done. “army wife” is written for this week’s Poetry Rehab 101 for the prompt of “sleep“. Love these things.

✪ Angie

15 thoughts on “sleep – “army wife”

  1. Let’s pray for all of them out there to come home safely and unharmed….

    It’s so sad in its special way. I am taken aback by all the hurt, the anxiety and the desperate longing within your lines. Yet there is so much love hidden in your words… it’s great….

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    1. Oh my gosh, m-my poem made you cry? I’m so happy that it was impactful in some way! (Not that I revel in the presence of your tears or anything, but yeah) Thank you so much!! ✪


  2. Takes my breath away. So beautiful, so real a statement. Takes me back to when my youngest sister was called up (US Army Reserves) for Desert Storm, and left the charge to me (in her will?) that I raise her four-year-old son if she didn’t come back. In the end, she did not go over seas. Worried and prayed the months that she was gone.

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    1. Oh my gosh! Well, I’m certainly glad your sister is okay. That must’ve been nervewracking, waiting and praying for her safe return… I guess that’s what war does to people. Best of luck to you all! ✪

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