“the ghosts of miners hill”


The only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits. It has come to their realization that they are dead, after little Sally O’Keefe shoved her twin brother into a wall and he fell straight through. Since then, the spirits of Miners Hill (who fervently object to the term “ghosts”) capitalize their newfound powers with childlike excitements.

It is this same strand of curiosity that leads little Sally O’Keefe, ten years older since the aforementioned shove, to wander the circumference of the mysterious Barrier that keeps the spirits out of society. Sally is in one of her bitter moods; after all, the 16-year-old lives in a 6-year-old’s body. But she also believes in the future, and she does happen to be the most dedicated Youth Explorer.

Perhaps that is why she is the one at the Barrier when it breaks.

Words: 130. For Finish-the-story Monday. I struggled a lot trying to write past events in present tense. Urk.

The corresponding piece/prequel: “for whom the bell tolls“.

✪ Angie


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