“nightshade and other objects of death”

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The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.

With poisonous extractions from nightshade foliage combined with an assortment of other unfriendly matter, the team transplanted the mix into a tube of rose DNA and created the Nightshade- a deathly white flower whose scent proved fatal to those exposed to it for more than five days. The symptoms were horrible, painful to observe, and the deaths were always consistently slow and dragged out. Most prisoners relented information under the false hope that they’d receive an antidote. Even more deadly, it seemed, than the Nightshade itself were its administers. They were young adults with trademark snowy hair, pale skin, and translucent irises, who had all developed resistance to the poisonous plant due to staggered exposure since birth. They were known to be silent killers, but as current captive Nikolai Reminovsky knew to be true, they were all still human.

Word count: 139. For Monday’s Finish-the-Story. I guess this one wasn’t much a story than a bunch of setting vomit, but ah well.

✪ Angie

20 thoughts on ““nightshade and other objects of death”

  1. You vomited an interesting setting. 🙂 Things are not looking good for Nikolai Reminovsky. I wonder what aspects of humanity the pale nightshade administers still possess and whether he can use them to him advantage.

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  2. Well written Angie! I love the explanation at the end. Thank you for writing again for the MFtS challenge and sorry for the issues this morning with the blue frog. I added your story to the board after fixing it. Be well… ^..^

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