popular (adj.)

popular: (adj.) liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group.

If I go by the Google definition, then all the so-called “popular kids” at my school truly aren’t that popular. They are the societal beauties, the children of rich parents, the fashionable, the materialistic, the often-not-too-bright-upstairs type of people. But they aren’t popular. They aren’t well-liked, or admired, or… enjoyed. Some people might aspire to be like them- either because of their appealing appearances or because of their guise of popularity, but either way, they’re not popular.

I was walking to my math class one day, and I happened to walk behind this other girl. She was tall, dressed in vibrant clothing and a pair of stellar heels, and she was probably a grade or two above me. I walked behind her for less than two minutes, but it seemed like everyone who passed greeted her in some way. At least ten people said hi. That girl, whoever she was, was not “popular” in the generic, fake-tan, bleached-blonde sense, but she was clearly liked, admired, and enjoyed. That, to me (and to Google), is true popularity.

This week’s Word for Wednesday.

✪ Angie

9 thoughts on “popular (adj.)

  1. Hi Angie, nice story! It’s sad that most of the time we are respected by the way we dress, walk, jewelry, make up, and not for our ideas and feelings. This happens not only at schools, but everywhere.

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  2. Very true! This reminds me of the films Mean Girls and The Heathers (before your time but a teen classic!)
    I’m glad you rise above the superficiality of such snobbishness. Being popular is great but there is nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd and being simply yourself, uncaring of how other people perceive you.
    Great post!
    Kat x

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