“impending evil”

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The grass was beginning to come back, I noticed. Maybe the whole dust storm fiasco was over. I glanced at the luminescent marble in my hand and wondered if it’s supposed magic had something to do with the recovering weather.

“Maudie,” I called over to my horse, who nibbled at the ground. “Let’s go for a ride.”

She trotted to where I stood, and I hoisted myself up onto her. I’d ride bareback. It was a promising morning, and we’d only go for a stroll.

I guided her to the longer, more scenic trail in the woods. Yet even with the sun in the sky and the running of the creek, I began to feel uneasy. Strange shadows flitted among the trees.

The marble will protect me, I thought vainly.

The marble guaranteed nothing of Maudie’s safety. Perhaps my selfishness was her downfall.

Word count: 143. For this week’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer.

Read part 1 here: “the good and the bad

✪ Angie


20 thoughts on ““impending evil”

  1. Maudie wasn’t safe, damn; that’s harsh. Well told. Flitting shadows that were apparently hungry, but is she safe, or simply holding something the shadows want. Sorry, couldn’t resist, love it when a story inspires my imagination!

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