“jump into the aquarium waters”

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As Zeus’s closest brother, Poseidon seemed the most likely to be the reason of the sky god’s current fury. His track record of constantly angering his brother didn’t help either, and, despite his age, Poseidon did not appear to be mature enough to understand that playing “harmless” pranks on Zeus was actually quite detrimental to the lives of the humans down on Earth.

So it was up to me, Zeus’s mortal assistant, to set the god of the sea back into his place.

“Kelp-face,” I hissed into the aquarium’s glass wall, where Poseidon was currently resting. A couple standing next to me shot me a weird look. I smiled back awkwardly. “Stop whatever you’re doing before Zeus destroys this whole planet!”

“Tell that ugly monotheist this,” Poseidon grumbled, before sticking his hand through an anemone and flipping the bird. “Hot lifeguard chicks are my territory.”

“Oh gods,” I groaned.

Word count: 149. Twas a continuation of “quite a greek tragedy“. This was written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Whoop, it was fun. The title of the previous part was based off a Wombats song, so I decided this one ought to be too. (“Jump Into The Fog“)


6 thoughts on ““jump into the aquarium waters”

  1. Loved this! Your writing is so clear that it is easy to feel you are right there in the story. Loved the part where she said, “Kelp face,” and the couple gave her a weird look. lol And, it is easy to imagine these two brothers amid sibling rivalry. Very nicely done!

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