skin – “the skin i live in”

this is the skin i live in

this wretched, wretched flesh
who bears scars and marks and
little reminders that i am still alive
who rises and falls with each breath i take
and closed eyes can only do so much
to calm my shaking fingers shaking legs
only shaking my head
wondering how i ended up looking like this

this is the skin i live in
and some days (most days) i want to tear myself out of it
as if underneath there will be pretty platinum someone

For the prompt “skin“. I’ve really been enjoying these poetry prompts each week, and I do believe I’m starting to get a hang of the art. And yup, another darker piece from me, but whattup.

✪ Angie 


5 thoughts on “skin – “the skin i live in”

  1. Oh dear, an android poem 😀 This interpretation didn’t occur to me, what I felt with your poem was both an occasional discomfort about your skin and at the same time a more profound acceptance of it. I like that.

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