dark – “she’s dancing with the devil and she knows it”

(she’s dancing with the devil and she knows it)

one- his eyes are dark;
not in a tall, handsome way, not at all
baggy undereyes (like purple petals)
swollen eyelids (black as night)
he’s not sleep-deprived, he’s just a fighter

two- his hands are dark;
funny, he keeps sanitizer in his pocket
(not funny, he keeps a gun in the other)
lead bullets are interspersed with leaden threats
his palms are bloodied with the stains of his sins

three- his clothes are dark;
(she has nothing against formal wear, only his)
silk suits are as impenetrable as the man the jacket hides
funeral attire!
his fingers cup like necklaces

last- he is dark;
and slowly, as his hands loosen their grip
she tumbles under, sight dripping away like lifeblood
expecting to see the resolute blackness
but seeing blinding light instead.

(her dance is done, and she is enshrouded in brightness)

Sorry if that was particularly obscure. I have my own ideas in my head, but I have a hard time trying to express them. Prompt was “dark“. Please tell me what you thought: what you thought of this style, and, more importantly, what you think happened in the poem.

✪ Angie


7 thoughts on “dark – “she’s dancing with the devil and she knows it”

  1. Mm, someone got killed in here? Whatever happened in the poem, I love the way you describe it: your piece kept my interest throughout, and it went so against my expectations! I love daring and unconventional pieces, so this one works for me great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the woman was killed by her abusive boyfriend/spouse/romantic partner. Same! I’ve never really been one for conventionally styled poetry. Thanks for the kind words! ✪


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