(in)digestion – the silence – the monochrome painter

my innards are a warzone
of acid army weaponry.
“charge!” cries the stomach,
readying its knives.
“goddamn” says the brain,
“stop eating so much pizza.”

º º º

so i did something i hadn’t done in a long time:
i sat alone in the silence
and at first there was something missing
but then i heard the sound of my heart beat
and it reassured me

º º º

she works in monochrome
fingers dipping paint-pots of midnight and blinding sun
smearing her stories in spectrumless shades
but a life is never two-colored, is it?

(there is no black smile. no white frown. only grey lines- winding, winding themselves into complexities she cannot unravel)

The first of many “creativity dumps”. Often on the borderline of poetry and prose- they come spontaneously. I’ll format them in dumps like this: several at a time, usually unrelated. Hope you like + tell me which one was your favorite.

✪ Angie


What did you think? ✪

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