recycle – “her body is a wasteland”

Her body is a wasteland

she swallows headstones and

slices of regret, dreaming

of the day her ribs would be visible

with some starving comfort.

Maybe then, she’d be happy.


The girl- her rotting lungs

breathe swollen air bloated thick

with lies that she sees

now so clearly

through newly-blackened eyes.

Her coal sight is unforgiving and the world is oh, so, so sad.


Fingers too weak to claw back life

she lets her skeleton fall

and hopes her bones will recycle

into a waterless reminder.

The prompt was “recycle“. Poetry Rehab 101.


8 thoughts on “recycle – “her body is a wasteland”

  1. Haunting. This is agonisingly beautiful and I love the way you wrap meaning up in your metaphors.

    I’ve only read a few of your pieces but you clearly have a way with words, and I look forward to reading more.


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