couple – “i am soprano and he is the bass”

[i am soprano and he is the bass :: together sweet harm’ny and music we make]

a duet of the coupling : a doubling : of melody

like twice, like thrice : he kisses me : i fall in songful reverie

piano fingers : stroke his face : i’m truly all about that bass

Poetry Rehab 101: “couple“. So I don’t really write poems. And I have an APUSH exam tomorrow. But I’d like to improve. And hopefully get a 5. Wow, are my thoughts jumbled. 


P.S. I do not apologize for that ending!! 😉


5 thoughts on “couple – “i am soprano and he is the bass”

  1. Your writing style is really original and also natural. I like that a lot.
    Actually, I think the greatest mistake a poet can make is to try and force a poem to come.
    If you want to write just do and it will turn out just right. 🙂

    Your punctuation is emphasizing the different parts of your lines in a great way. It makes your words seem stronger.

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    1. Much thanks for the feedback!
      Yep, definitely true. Poetry (and writing, in general) is born of spontaneity, which makes it both wonderful and really, really frustrating.
      Thanks again~


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