interplanet janet – “distant earth”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Interplanet Janet.”

A mass of earth and water charges its course, blurring into an ellipse of a journey as it encircles the comparably giant, yellow star. Closing in upon the smaller planet, we find forms of green and blue, half-covered by wisps of white clouds above. This is home to an abundance (of Katherines, the writer tries to interject, but no) of flora, fauna, and peculiar, upright creatures. Homo sapiens is what they are called, but because Latin is a dead language, the writer will simply refer to them as ‘humans’.

Two billion of these particular humans roam the grounds of this particular planet. They live in relative peace and harmony, divided in landbound sects of differing cultures. They are mindful of the environment in which they live, careful as to not disturb too much the flow of nature their predecessors oh-so-stupidly had.

The weather, although considerably different between the two halves of the planet, is far more composed than the weather patterns the humans in year 2015 experienced. To the more superstitious inhabitants of this earth, it is karma; the humans treat the world kindly, and the world does its best to not upset them with too many natural disasters.

Although the humans diverge in appearance, lifestyle, and even core beliefs, there is a sense of unity among them, an almost-utopian amity. Perhaps this is what sets them apart from those that came before them; out of the destruction wrought by ignorance and the ferocity of the proud was born a people willing to hold hands with former “enemies”. Out of the ruins and the fiery shambles, a phoenix emerged. It is a supernatural, seemingly impossible creature.

The writer only wonders, with an unforgiving doubt within her chest, whether or not such a myth can become a reality.

Won’t be doing these everyday, but this was fun. Feedback is always appreciated. I’m on a quest to become a better writer/communicater. 🙂


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